Born into a family of fresco muralists, Bob Crimi began an apprenticeship, as a teenager, with his uncle Alfred Crimi. It was in this artist's studio that he discovered his love for the art of painting. He has painted in oils since then and exhibited extensively throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley and NYC. He has also been an instructor at the Woodstock School of Art.

The joy in the process is always evident. The effort of persistence and patience to achieve balance is always present. Each painting is allowed to unfold to completion on its own terms.

Embedded within the original paintings of this site are the artist's imagination, intuition, and undulating personality. All works address aspects of nature as well as the oil color medium, with its particular and evasive realities.

The digital images on this site are simulacra. They are backlit electronically. The camera lens used to photograph them is only able to capture the surface of each piece. The original oil paintings are experienced by reflected light. Unlike the camera lens, the retina of the eye is able to discern over-painting, which is pigments applied in layers that enrich viewing.